Alicia Roman Wearable Objects:

About Us

Mimi Robag, renown as cultural trendsetter, enlightened hipster and all-around cool person is always carefully monitoring the pulse of society. Mimi is at the vanguard of fashion and good taste. Now she has set up this website to offer you the chance to own some of the most interesting artifacts she's collected that reflect the sophisticated urbanity of the in-crowd.

Our Policy

We care about your happiness... to some extent. Actually we don't care too much, but we don't want you unhappy. We hope you'll spend money on our products and tell all your friends about us. We respect your right to your own opinions. And if you don't like something we do, well, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

We reserve the right to exchange, substitute or discontinue items without notice. We have the right to take your money and not ship anything to you. We don't actually plan to do that, but you never know. If it happens, don't say we didn't warn you.

Some of our products may cause harm if not used properly. Always read the instructions before trying them for the first time. If there are no instructions, follow this simple rule of thumb: treat the merchandise the way you expect it to treat you and keep all merchandise away from small children. Never operate heavy machinery under the influence of Mimi Robag.

If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, try putting it aside and forgetting about it. When you rediscover it, maybe you'll feel better about it. All sales are final.

We may be scurrilous prevaricators, but one thing we promise is that we will never ever ever ever* sell, share or give your private information to anyone. Period.


Now that you've been forewarned, go check out our stuff...